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Awesome 3D Buildings of Denver in Google Earth

There is a hidden treat behind the update a couple days ago to the layers. Google has crafted a fantastic collection of 3D building models for the city of Denver, Colorado. This collection was obviously created to show of GE 4′s ability to show high quality photo textured 3D models, and is a part of the new “Best of 3D Warehouse” layer found under the “3D Buildings” layer in GE. This ONLY works with the latest GE 4 – so go download GE 4 if you don’t have version 4.0.2722 or greater. A word of caution: if your computer doesn’t have a recent 3D video card, your performance may not be very satisfactory as more buildings load. To give you a preview of what it looks like on a new computer, check out this YouTube fly-thru demonstration of the new buildings I created this morning:

En una nota relacionada: si eres lo suficientemente suertudo como para tener GE Pro, puedes crear capturas de pantallas de alta resolución (hasta 4800×4800). Esta es una excelente forma de producir escenas del tamaño Poster desde Google Earth – para vuestro uso personal, únicamente (no pueden vender las impresiones obtenidas). Por eso estuve intentando usar, para lo grande, QTVR.

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